Cookie usage on this website

Cookies are tiny text files that can and have been used by web developers and websites to remember details that make a user's experience more efficient since 1994. They are stored for varying periods of time on your computer, from the duration of the your visit to a few months or more.

Cookies are then passed back to the server with every subsequent request for a page in that site. They can only be accessed by the server that put them there and they can only contain information that you or your browser has provided.

Cookie types & classification

There are two types of cookie, first party cookies - ones that this site places on your machine and third party cookies - ones that are placed by third party content providers.

There are four classifications of cookie:

Essential - Required for a website to function, for example to mark someone as logged in.

Non-Essential but harmless - Not essential to the core functionality of the site bit doesn't get used for tracking a user

Fairly intrusive - Used to facilitate the statistical collation of user behaviour but does not contain any personally identifiable information.

Very intrusive - Used to facilitate the tracking of personal browsing habits and potentially contain personally identifiable information.

The law in the E.U. and in particular the UK states that a website can store cookies on your machine if they are essential to the operation of this site but for all others we need your permission to do so.

The cookies that we use does not use any non-essential cookies.

First party cookies on this site

We do not place any non-essential first party cookies on your machine. We do use cookies sent by the server to keep the user's browser sessions intact as we load balance and use a clustered array of servers. If a user reloads a page they could be served the content from another server entirely but this cookie tracks the user to the same server.

Your continued browsing of this site implies your consent for us to use cookies. If you would rather not accept cookie then please use your browser settings to disable cookies for this domain.

More information about cookies or how to manage them on your computer can be found at

Any cookies dropped on your machine from this website will have the host name

What happens if I remove or disable cookies for this website?

If you decide to delete or disable cookies for this website then you will still be able to use the site.
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